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Here you have the ability to buy the digital version of our videos. You don't get any tangible goods. After you placed your order, we will provide you with a download link. You will have to burn your DVD youself, but you can still see the video on your computer without burning.

You wont have to pay for delivery and you'll get your video within 24 hours.

Videos from Bleisch

Good news:

Our Corona discount continues!

As Covid 19 is causing the collabse of markets, we are going to keep our Corona discount.

It's our act of solidarity in response to the crisis.

Remember: Stay safe

In order to burn your DVDs yourself . . .

Once you have downloaded all the files of your video you need to create a folder and name it VIDEO_TS. Put all the files inside that folder. Than you can put an empty DVD into your drive. Most burning software will start running after that.

If you dont have any burning software you can try e.g. Ashampoo, which is pretty easy to use. When the programm is up to run, you will see a button named Movie. Clicking on it brings up some options, where you will choose DVD from folder. Then tell the program where your VIDEO_TS folder is located. Thats it.

You can as well enjoy the video on your computer without having to burn it. Just double click on the file VIDEO_TS.IFO